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Welcome to Affinity NFT

AffinityNFT, is made with the idea to bring our favorite celebrities to the Blockchain, by making nice NFTs of them, we also want to build some nice games where we can all have fun and win prizes.

Why Affinity

A use case with a real purpose. AffinityNFT  is a community project since we value our investors, we proudly make sure that their voices are heard and are reflected in how this token is managed, and we will use the community effort and ideas to help us reach our goals.

Floating Item
  • 100% Safe
  • Long Time Value
  • Passive Income
  • Free Weekly NFTs Giveaway
  • Community Driven

The team will also match those efforts in continuing the growth of this project

This brings GREAT expectation.

Here in AffinityNFT we value our investors, with the trust of our community, we will have power to fuel our most ambitious project in service of further rewarding our community.


  • NFT Trades
  • Marketing Campaign

Every Celebrity has his or her own loyal fanbase. So celebrities and their fans will love this project.

AffinityNFT believes this is a smart way to usher in mass crypto adoption. This is true because entertainment is a part of everyone’s life, so AffinityNFT will catch the attention of the non-blockchain community, and bring them into Blockchain.


  • Total supply: 50,000
  • Total Tax. : 17%
  • 15% to holders in USDC
  • 1% to liquidity pool
  • 1% to marketing wallet

Soft cap: 400 AVAX
Hard cap:800 AVAX

Presale on pinksale
Presale Wednesday July 13th
Presale rate :18 AFN = 1 AVAX
Launch rate : 15 AFN = 1 AVAX

100% Safe

NFT Marketplace

Free NFTs Giveaway

Passive Income

Mission Roadmap

Looking forward to becoming a recognized player in and outside the crypto space, we plan on not only delivering a solid token built from the ground up, but also a token where you will always feel valued as a community member and never have to worry about safety because that’s comes with a standard here at AffinityNFT.

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